Game Informer Horizon Forbidden West Cover 1
Image: Game Informer

The media frenzy for Horizon Forbidden West is just getting started, have you noticed? Guerrilla recently launched a podcast, is publishing trailers at a relatively frequent chop, and we’re starting to learn little details, like the game’s file size. It’s perhaps no surprise that Sony has lined up a Game Informer cover story for the sequel, then, which is being sent out to subscribers now.

This 12-page article – fronted by some tasty artwork, embedded above – includes reports from two hands-off demos: “One demo showcased an area early in the game, providing a glimpse at the more detailed towns and character models alongside the new skill trees and workbench system. Our second demo took us much later in the game to see a boss battle in action against a new fierce foe: the Slitherfang.” That’s the giant snake robot, for those of you who haven’t been keeping track.

Game Informer teases, however: “The new machines are only part of Aloy’s struggles this time around. Find out more about the additional pressures and conundrums coming her way, and how Guerrilla Games is taking Aloy and the gameplay in Horizon Forbidden West to a new level.”

Presumably we’ll get some new screenshots and footage out of this, as the US publication typically gets handed some exclusive media to share. How’s your hype for Horizon holding up at this point? Let us know in the comments section below.