Look, we don't even really know what Pragmata is. The seemingly sci-fi Capcom project was first announced during Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal event, and we've seen bugger all of it since. Back then, it was targeting a 2022 release date (it seemed so far away!), but at the start of this year, Capcom confirmed that it had been pushed to 2023.

And now here we are ten months later, as the Japanese publisher reiterates the delay for some strange reason. It's published a weird video of the girl from the original trailer, and she's holding a sign that has '2022' scribbled out, replaced with '2023'. Maybe Capcom's just letting us know that it's still on track?

Like we say, it's weird. Last we heard, Pragmata's development was making "steady progress". Surely we'll see something of it next year?