After decades of full-priced football simulators launching year after year, the first big genre shake-up is here: eFootball, a free-to-play Pro Evolution Soccer successor, is available to download for free now on PlayStation 5 and PS4. You'd think this would be a pretty important occasion, and while it sort of is, the shift to ditching the $60 price point means this new game is fairly barebones at launch. All you can do right now is either play offline against the AI or a friend, or head online to compete in weekly events for GP. Just nine teams and six stadiums are on offer.

Native PS5 and PS4 versions of eFootball can be downloaded from the PS Store now, and PS Plus subscribers can also grab a member bonus pack. The funny thing is the content you're actually given isn't even detailed and you won't gain access to it until mid-November when an update adds more modes and features to the game. Don't forget there's also a £32.99/$39.99 pre-order pack available that's packed full of content you once again won't be given until the penultimate month of the year. You can even buy it twice, just to give you that extra leg up on opponents.

As a reminder, this mid-November eFootball update will add the likes of a FIFA Ultimate Team style mode along with Tour Event, Challenge Event, and more general online options. The all-important Edit Mode and PS5 specific upgrades will follow after that.

We plan on checking out eFootball for ourselves over the coming days and issue some first hands on impressions at some point soon. Launch day is just the beginning for the game, however. It's got a long way to go before it can be considered a proper successor to PES. Will you be downloading too? Let us know in the comments below.