For some reason, Saints Row is the latest in a long-line of unlucky games to attract an outrageously negative reaction. Volition said earlier today that it’s “not backing down”, and has now released a new deep dive video that digs into more details about the reboot. Fortunately, this one has been met with a marginally more positive reaction.

The video includes a bunch of new gameplay, showing off some of the wacky scenarios you’ll find yourself in. It also details the rival gangs you’ll be going up against, spanning a high-profile military conglomerate through to the muscle-bound baddies from the reveal trailer. It looks every bit as silly as previous entries in the series – just without the superpowers of Saints Row 4.

It also teases the character creator, and promises that you’ll be able to create the kind of Boss that you want to play as. Honestly, we’re quite excited about this: the idea of a goofy crime sandbox where you get to build your organisation from the ground-up sounds like superb fun, and we think the initial reaction has been remarkably harsh. Hopefully this video allays fears.