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Grand Theft Auto V will span its third console generation when Rockstar re-releases the PlayStation 3 title on the PS5 later this year. It’s a game that’s achieved unrivalled success, with the open worlder surpassing 150 million units sold-in to date. This reflects both digital downloads and Blu-ray copies sold to retailers – not necessarily consumers – but looking at the sales charts there clearly aren’t piles of dusty cases sitting on store shelves.

Incredibly, the entire GTA franchise has sold 350 million copies in total, so the fifth entry accounts for almost half of that. Its longevity can be partly attributed to the success of GTA Online, which has received over 40 updates since 2013 and is a bit of a beast these days. If you’re eager to get started with that, then our GTA Online guide should help get you up to speed.

Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption 2 has now sold-in 38 million units to date, which would also be a staggering statistic if not written right after those record-breaking GTA 5 numbers. Rockstar claims that Arthur Morgan’s outing is the second-best selling game in the US over the past three years, which is a very specific statistic but clearly it points to a successful product. You can actually download and play RDR 2 with PS Now right now.