Demagog Studio will launch its 2D golfing game for the elite on 3rd September 2021, it's been confirmed. A new trailer for Golf Club Wasteland accompanies the announcement alongside pricing details. Humorously, a press release states the game will be "priced just above any sort of livable minimum wage in most countries". It's $9.99, or your regional equivalent. For those who don't know, the game turns Earth into a golf course after the ultra-rich flee to Mars.

Golf Club Wasteland was originally targeting a PS4 launch this month, but the small delay will allow for some free extras to be packaged in with the base release. Demagog Studio CEO Igor Simic said: "We initially said the game would be out in August, but we wanted to finish up some free extras we’re adding so we pushed it by a week. Also, who even knows what time is anymore?"

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