It's the future, and all is not well in Golf Club Wasteland. In a totally unexpected turn of events, the Earth has been rendered inhospitable by an ecological disaster that nobody saw coming. How were we supposed to know that using liquefied dinosaur bones to power our cars was bad? If those egghead scientists had told us then we definitely would have considered not driving to Alton Towers but, hey, you live and learn.

Anyway, the Earth is destroyed. Whatever. Good riddance. Sick of the sight of it, honestly. All hail our new world, Mars, which has a couple of things going for it. Number one, it's red, which is awesome. That’s about it, actually. There’s an extensive list of issues with living on Mars, and top of the pile is that Mars’ weak gravity has ruined the noble sport of golf.

Still, rich people can do whatever they want whenever they want and what rich people want is golf. And so spotting a gap in the market, some intrepid capitalists spend untold billions on turning the wasteland once known as Earth into a golf course for the super rich.

Turns out post-apocalyptic golf is actually a lot of fun. There's over 30 holes to enjoy here, which are more like little, self-contained puzzles than actual golf courses. There’s challenge modes to keep you aiming for a better score, and the story that the game tells is genuinely, surprisingly thoughtful.

The mostly laid-back soundtrack and lack of NPCs lends Golf Club Wasteland a chill, lonely atmosphere, which helps to offset some of the more frustrating holes, and the short three or four hour play-time means it never has a chance to outstay its welcome. It's official: Golf Club Wasteland is the best post-apocalyptic golf game on PS4.