Deathloop PS5

PlayStation 5 console exclusive Deathloop will most certainly hit its release date of 14th September 2021 because the game has now gone gold. Arkane Studios confirmed the welcome news on Twitter, meaning work on the 1.0 version of its latest new IP is now complete. Attention will now most likely turn to readying up a day one patch, preparing for the general launch, or working on any post-launch DLC the developer might have in store.

Originally slated to launch alongside the PS5 console last November, it's been a slightly rough ride for Deathloop as delays pushed it back. With today's news in the bag, next month's release is now looking mighty fine. The game recently took centre stage in a State of Play livestream and is confirmed to remain a PS5 console exclusive until at least 14th September 2022. Famed for its work on the Dishonored series, Arkane Studios may have another excellent experience on its hands.

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