Phwoar, look at this! Leave a beloved franchise alone long enough, and some indie team or another will come along and make it happen anyway. SEGA's Jet Set Radio series has been dormant for years, but Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks to fill the hole in our hearts.

Previously announced last year, the game comes from Team Reptile, who previously brought us Lethal League. This is looking like a far more ambitious project, though, and it's so wonderfully close to that Jet Set Radio vibe, we've no doubt SEGA's lawyers are sweating in their suits. The music — supplied by Hideki Naganuma himself — is spot on, and the visuals and gameplay look completely on point.

You'll be skating, grinding, and laying down graffiti in this old-school arcade adventure next year. Nintendo has timed console exclusivity, but Team Reptile states "other platforms follow about a week later", so it's not the end of the world. There's no word on if this will hit PlayStation 5, PS4, or both, but we're excited whatever the case.

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