Wales Interactive, the current kings and queens of FMV experiences, is back with another interactive thriller shot during lockdown: Night Book. This psychological horror leverages a similar trick to romantic comedy Five Dates, meaning that it’s composed of pandemic friendly webcam footage rather than actors on a set.

There are some famous names among the cast, however, including Colin Salmon, who PlayStation players may also remember from PSVR gangster game Blood & Truth. “Night Book is full of supernatural terror and suspense as Loralyn, a pregnant translator working from home, is fiendishly tricked into bringing an untold evil into her life,” the press release reads.

The blurb continues: “With Loralyn’s husband away and her unwell father in the house with her, players, as Loralyn, must make major decisions that keep the family safe or unwittingly place them in grave danger. Though Night Book features one story, there are multiple paths and endings to discover.”

The game’s coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 27th July, although the press release is a bit vague about whether the next-gen version is running through backwards compatibility or not. We’ll check in with Wales Interactive to get confirmation, and update when we know more. Not that it should matter, really: this is all live action footage, after all.