Uh oh, Dad's possessed. What rotten luck! Here you are, heavily pregnant and living in a crummy apartment in Croydon, and your fiancé Pearce has inexplicably decided to jet off to the other side world on business when you need him most. Never mind, Pearce has a plan. He's installed security cameras all over the apartment so the police will know exactly where to find your body after you've been murdered by one of your crackhead neighbours. Huzzah!

Pearce isn't too worried about leaving you alone while you're eating for two because your Dad is coming over to look after you, and... Oh no, we just remembered – Dad's possessed! This can only really go one of two ways. It's either going to be a wacky comedy full of paranormal hijinks – we're thinking Nic Cage for the Dad – or it's going to be a cheesy horror story and Dad's going to be making silly noises soon.

Night Book is the latter: the latest in a long line of live-action, interactive movies from Wales Interactive, most of which are of middling quality including this one. The story is told to you through the security cameras that loverboy installed, and gameplay is simply making choices which will influence the outcome of the narrative.

The story is slight, and possessed Dad – Jim Carver from The Bill for the 30-somethings among you – is more amusing than scary. The constraints of filming during a pandemic are clear – no two people are ever in the same room at the same time – and in terms of production values it's more school play than Hollywood. But Julie Dray is a sympathetic lead and the run time is barely an hour and change so it never has an opportunity to outstay its welcome.