Subnautica PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Update: Just a correction to this article, Subnautica is actually around 5GB on PS5. It's still a dramatic reduction, but obviously not quite as big as reported in the article. Apologies for the error.

Original Story: Sony talked briefly prior to release about how the PlayStation 5’s uber-fast SSD would help reduce file sizes, and we’ve started to see the results in action. Many games launching on the next-gen console have smaller footprints than their PS4 siblings, and in some cases the difference is dramatic. Subnautica, which was re-released on PS5 last week, is a good example.

Twisted Voxel notes that the PS4 version of the game – with all of its updates installed – takes up 14GB of space. However, its re-release on the PS5 requires just 3.5GB – an impressive 70 per cent reduction. Obviously, we’d still argue the console’s included 825GB is on the small size, but if developers can continue to optimise their titles like this, then that SSD should go a long way.