Subanutica PS5

Today's the day that Subnautica: Below Zero makes a splash in freezing temperatures, but developer Panic Button has not forgotten about the original game that earned it all this merit. The PlayStation 5 version of Subnautica is also out now, and there's a very good chance you already own it thanks to Play At Home. Since the game was very recently given away without charge, you can take that PS4 edition and freely upgrade it to the PS5 version. You've effectively just been given a free title twice over at this point.

UK and EU users can head on through here to trigger a download while US readers should use this link. Or simply head on over to the PS Store and claim the PS5 version yourself. We don't believe the enhancements this current-gen edition actually contains have been detailed just yet, but an improved frame rate and better visuals are probably a given.

Are you going to try Subnautica on PS5? Swim under the sea in the comments below.