Danny O'Dwyer is back with another Noclip documentary that's worth sitting down with a good mug of hot chocolate and investing an hour of your time into. This time around, the Irishman focuses on the incredible Dishonored franchise from Arkane Studios, interviewing developers at both its Lyon and Texas-based facilities. The teams are known for their level design, and so O'Dwyer spends a great deal of the documentary learning how some of our favourite levels were designed and crafted. And yes, that includes The Clockwork Mansion and time-bending mission A Crack in the Slab.

The one-hour video then signs off by covering content that didn't make it into the two titles, including abilities. We really recommend taking some time out of your day to watch this latest Noclip documentary if you have even the slightest interest in game development. It's well worth a watch. Are you a fan of Dishonored and Noclip? Share your thoughts on the documentary in the comments below.

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