It seems Codemasters is dedicated to improving and adding to DIRT 5, the rough and ready cross-gen racer. It's a fun off-road racing title, even if it did launch with one or two issues, but the developer has been smoothing things out since release, as well as adding new content. The latest update is due tomorrow — 11th May 2021 — and it's introducing cross-platform matchmaking.

Yes, the Red Bull Revolution update's big new feature is cross-play between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, which will seriously boost matchmaking numbers and get you into matches that much faster. Why is the update named after an energy drink? That'll be because there's also a batch of Red Bull-branded content landing in-game, including lots of car liveries and an archway for use in Playgrounds mode. Speaking of Playgrounds, Codies is adding new weather effects to the level editor mode, allowing you to make your courses slick with rain.

Finally, the update introduces ghost lap times in Time Trial mode. Ghost times are fairly common in racers, and it's nice to see it added here. You'll be able to see various types of ghost laps: the fastest on record, the next fastest to your best, the closest to you on your friends list, and your personal best.

All this stuff is coming in a free game update, so watch out for it tomorrow, 11th May. Will you be test driving these new bits and bobs in DIRT 5? Take the comments section out for a spin below.

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