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It took just 20 minutes for PlayStation 5 pre-orders to sell out in China, with the system slated for a 15th May release. Sony confirmed the date during a livestream earlier this week, which also saw confirmation of domestically developed character action title Lost Soul Aside for the next-gen console. Launch window titles will include Genshin Impact, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, although Niko Partners notes that only miHoYo’s title has been licensed thus far.

Thus far, PlayStation has committed over 50,000 units to the region, but with supply constraints worldwide it’s almost guaranteed that demand will once again exceed supply. Sony has warned that the situation is unlikely to improve in the near-future, despite the next-gen system outperforming its record-breaking PS4 when launch aligned.

Of course, the console market is still relatively niche in China due to various factors including strong regulation, but the Nintendo Switch has been successful in the country and Sony has been working hard to cultivate targeted content in the region as part of its China Hero Project. It’ll be hoping that it can improve on its efforts with the PS4, and looking at the initial demand, it appears to be on the right track thus far.