PS5 Stock 2021

PlayStation 5 stock shortages have been an issue for Sony ever since the console launched last November. The coronavirus pandemic impacted the company's production line significantly, with limited components and shipping limitations both playing a part. We're now over five months removed from the PS5's release, and actually buying a console can still be an exercise in frustration.

Sony has suggested that the situation probably isn't going to change a whole lot over the course of this year. Speaking during the Japanese giant's latest earnings call (as transcribed by VGC), chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki said: "We’re aiming for more sales volume than the PS4 [during year 2]. But can we drastically increase the supply? No, that’s not likely."

In other words, supply still can't keep up with demand. Totoki goes on to explain that component shortages are still a problem, but there are potential workarounds. "For example, we could find maybe a secondary resource, or by changing the design we could cope," Totoki suggested.

Despite everything, though, the PS5 is selling extremely well. The console's almost at 8 million sales already, and it's managed to surpass sales records set by the PS4. Whenever the PS5 is made available, it sells out incredibly quickly, and those short bursts of concentrated consumer interest are all adding up.