Call of Duty: Warzone PS5 Version

Since launch, PlayStation 5 owners have had to play Call of Duty: Warzone via backwards compatibility. That came with its perks — the gigantic Battle Royale FPS could be transferred to an external hard drive — but you always knew it was just a PS4 game in the back of your mind. That's all about to change, however, as Activision has finally confirmed a native PS5 version of Call of Duty: Warzone is now in development.

Speaking as part of a press briefing attended by Charlie Intel, Raven Software's creative director Amos Hodge revealed that a "dedicated technology team" is working on the upgraded version for PS5. The studio stopped short of revealing when it will be ready, but did confirm faster load times and 120HZ support will be part of the package. The team is also investigating whether or not a FOV slider can be added to the console versions.

That's all we know for now, but it is nice to hear that Call of Duty: Warzone will indeed be coming natively to PS5 one day in the future. Although, it does mean you're going to have to transfer it back onto your internal SSD. It'll take up a lot of room despite a recent file size reduction.

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