UnderMine is a rogue-lite dungeon crawler. We realise a thousand of these seem to release every day, but this particular example from developer Thorium Entertainment is very well-liked indeed. It released last year on PC and Xbox, arrived on Switch last month, and now it's finally PlayStation 4's turn.

As you can see in the above trailer, it's a top-down action game in which you'll explore dangerous mines, slowly building up permanent upgrades and crafting new gear to make it further and further down. Fighting big bosses and using bombs to find secret rooms gives this more than a whiff of Zelda, but that's no bad thing.

In addition to the main dungeon is a pure rogue-like area called the Othermine, which you unlock after reaching the end of the first. It's a much more challenging area that doesn't afford permanent upgrades and gives you a random selection of weapons and gear. It seems UnderMine offers the best of rogue-lites and rogue-likes, then — hopefully it's as good as we've heard.

The game comes to PS4 on 30th March 2021, so it's only a couple of weeks away. Are you interested in UnderMine? Grab your pickaxe in the comments section below.