Ahead of its release on 25th May 2021 for PlayStation 4, BioMutant is proving itself to be worth the long wait with this new trailer focused on its martial arts-based combat system. It's short but sweet, clocking in at exactly 68 seconds. That's just enough time to see the protagonist strut their stuff with some fancy moves which send enemies flying. You'll also have a gun and be able to control mechs at certain points in the story, it seems.

Looking pretty cool? Looking pretty cool. BioMutant will cost £54.99/$59.99 when it launches on the PS Store, while the price of physical copies may vary. There's also a pre-order bonus, which you can catch glimpses of in the trailer above — it's the yellow Mercenary class. Will you be buying BioMutant come late May? Let us know in the comments below.

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