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One thing you may have noticed recently is developers announcing projects that clearly haven’t even entered development yet. One good example is Project 007; IO Interactive has announced that it will make a James Bond game, but it’s barely even started yet. Why does this keep happening? Well, it’s all about recruitment; potentially talented team members may be more likely to apply for jobs if they know exactly what they’re going to be working on.

This is true of The Division developer Ubisoft Massive’s forthcoming open world Star Wars game, which is in an “early stage” of production according to the publisher’s boss Yves Guillemot. He confirmed the tidbit during an earnings call, adding that “we see lots of people wanting to participate in this adventure, and it's really a very good thing”. In other words, recruitment for the game is going well, but it’s going to be a long time before we actually see any progress on it.

While Ubisoft will likely have a rough idea of when it expects to ship the project internally, Guillemot would not comment on any potential release windows. “We are very proud of this collaboration, which is a testament to Ubisoft leadership and expertise, notably in creating amazing works,” he said. “It is another demonstration of our capacity to build partnerships with the biggest names in the entertainment and technology space.”

Unless contracts have changed behind-the-scenes, it’s widely understood that EA has exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise until 2023, meaning that we won’t see Ubisoft’s game until then at the earliest. Ubisoft Massive has got its work cut out anyway, as it continues to support The Division 2, while also quietly beavering away on a new Avatar game.

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