PS Plus Discount Code

If you purchased a PlayStation 5 through Amazon UK, you might want to check the email address associated with your account. The online giant has been sending PlayStation Plus discount codes to those who bought the console via the site, offering 25 per cent off a one-year membership. This brings the price down to £37.49. The offer ends at midnight on 31st January 2021, so you've only got a couple of days to take advantage. Even if you're already subscribed to the service, don't forget that you can stack multiple years on top of each other — you too can take advantage of the deal.

Subscribing to PS Plus gives you access to online multiplayer across both of Sony's consoles, free PS5 and PlayStation 4 titles each and every month, and the PS Plus Collection (See Also: All PS Plus Collection Games on PS5). The latter is an added bonus that gives PS5 owners access to 20 PS4 games whilst their subscription remains active. For more information on the offer, head on through the link.

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