Image: @tomrkobayashi

Raise your hand if you forgot that the PlayStation 4 remake of XIII was coming out this week. Now, raise your hand if you forgot it even existed. We're willing to bet a large chunk of you would look pretty silly right now if your boss caught you on webcam via a Zoom call. Yes, the PS4 remake of XIII launched yesterday, and besides the fact it has fallen very much under the radar, it appears to be a bit of a disaster. As detailed by Twitter posts over the past 24 hours, you could hardly call this is a remake as it in the first place completely ditches the comic-book art style for something that resembles Fortnite.

But the disappointment doesn't stop there as glitches and a general lack of polish make a mockery of any quality the title could have. Check out the Twitter video below and don't forget that the remake was initially planned to release last year. Just imagine what sort of state it was in back then.

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Did you buy XIII on PS4? What do you make of the changes to its art style and have you encountered any of these glitches? Share your report in the comments below.

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