Far Cry 6 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

We've seen a CG trailer and a few screenshots for Far Cry 6, but the Ubisoft shooter is still a ways off. Originally pegged for February 2021, the open world FPS was recently pushed back, launching somewhere between the end of April and September. Now, one online listing may have something more specific.

The Microsoft Store page for the cross-gen shooter is currently showing a date of 25th May 2021, or 26th May depending on your location. There's reason to believe this is legit, as Microsoft's online store has leaked this sort of detail in the past. It seems we'll be taking a trip to Yara in about six months' time.

This has yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft, so we're hesitant to say it's a totally safe bet. Hopefully the publisher will be ready to make announcements soon. Are you looking forward to Far Cry 6? Quit smoking in the comments section below.

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