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PlayStation 4

  • US 7th Oct 2021
  • EU 7th Oct 2021

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  • 20th Jun 2023
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  • Review Far Cry 6 (PS5) - The Best Game in the Series, Sort Of

    Chorizo style

    If you've played any one of Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, or Far Cry: New Dawn, then you already know exactly what to expect from Far Cry 6. Ubisoft is back with yet another course of comfort food in its exotic open world FPS franchise, and this review feels almost inconsequential in its effort to explain what's what for a fifth...


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Far Cry 6 Guides

  • Guide Far Cry 6: All Unique Weapons and Where to Find Them

    Armed to the Teeth Trophy guide

    What are all unique weapons in Far Cry 6 and where do you find them? Along with the standard range of guns found on the exotic island of Yara, there are more located in specific places equipped with better perks and stronger stats. These are called unique weapons and belong in your loadout. In this Far Cry 6 guide,...

  • Guide Far Cry 6 Guide: Tips, Tricks, and All Collectibles

    Your ultimate Far Cry 6 resource

    Far Cry 6 is the sixth mainline entry in Ubisoft's exotic open world FPS series, released on PlayStation 5 and PS4. In this Far Cy 6 guide, we're going to share our beginner's tips and tricks to help you survive both the lush island of Yara and Anton Castillo's men. We're also going to reveal the locations of all...

  • Guide Far Cry 6: All Rooster Locations

    Recrooster Trophy guide

    What are all rooster locations in Far Cry 6? Roosters are one of a few different types of collectibles in Far Cry 6, but they have a second use beyond simply finding them. They can be used to compete in cockfighting matches at Montero Farm once you've progressed the story enough. In this Far Cry 6 guide, we're going to reveal...

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Far Cry 6 News

  • News Far Cry 6's PS5, PS4 Post-Release Support Is Now Finished

    Dani's done

    Ubisoft is notorious for its impressive post-release support, even when it comes to single player games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. And to be fair, Far Cry 6’s lifespan has been quite long, with the title originally launching in 2021 and getting multiple updates and expansions thereafter. But in a message on the franchise’s...

  • News Far Cry 6 Goes Off the Rails with Extra-Terrestrial Expansion on PS5, PS4

    Dani dimes

    Far Cry 6 was already a fairly out-there open world experience when it launched last year, allowing you to fashion a firearm out of an old Walkman which would play the Macarena while you chopped down hordes of foes. Now it’s getting even crazier, with the release of the Lost Between Worlds expansion, due out on 6th December for $19.99...

  • News Ubisoft Seems to Think Far Cry 6 Was Game of the Year

    Well, it was someone's GOTY

    Branding around Ultimate Editions of games has always been a little weird, but it's never funnier when a publisher hands itself a Game of the Year Edition for something that didn't exactly set the world on fire. Enter Ubisoft with a Far Cry 6 Game of the Year Upgrade Pass that's just been spotted on the backend of the...

  • News Stranger Things Turns Far Cry 6 PS5, PS4 Upside Down for Free

    Full game free this weekend

    A new season of Stranger Things will air in May, and Far Cry 6 wants to get you in the mood. An update, available now, adds an entirely new mission strand to Ubisoft’s open world shooter, and it’s free for anyone who owns the title. Furthermore, if you haven’t taken a trip to Yara yet, the entire game is free to...

  • News Last Far Cry 6 DLC, Starring Joseph Seed, Is Out on Tuesday

    The final oorah

    Far Cry 6 will round out its post-launch content offering next week with the final DLC instalment centred around villains from previous entries. We've had Vaas from Far Cry 3, Pagan Min of Far Cry 4 fame, and now it's the turn of cult leader Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5. Titled Collapse, this concluding expansion once again uses the...

  • News Second Far Cry 6 DLC, Starring Pagan Min, Is Out Next Week

    Far Cry 4 villain returns

    Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min is the star of the next Far Cry 6 DLC, scheduled to release next week on 11th January 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PS4. It'll be available standalone for £11.99/$14.99 or as part of the season pass, and will once again be more of a rogue-like experience that dives "the depths of the villain’s...

  • News Danny Trejo® Is Now in Far Cry 6 on PS5, PS4

    He just wants to make tacos

    Danny Trejo® – who, according to Ubisoft’s press release, is now a registered trademark – has been added to Far Cry 6 in a couple of free missions. It seems the actor will play himself, as you fight alongside him against Antón Castillo’s resistance in order to help him make his “world-famous tacos”...

  • News Far Cry 6 Vaas Insanity DLC Out Next Week

    Featuring rogue-like elements

    The first bit of paid Far Cry 6 DLC will launch on Tuesday for PlayStation 5 and PS4, featuring Far Cry 3 villain Vaas. The classic character will be playable in the expansion, which is said to feature rogue-like elements. "Starting with nothing more than a pistol to defend themselves, players will need to find new...

  • News Large Far Cry 6 Patch Prepares Game for DLC, Fixes Bugs

    Available to download now

    Far Cry 6 has just deployed its first big patch since launch, and it prepares the game for a bit of free DLC, makes some gameplay updates and quality of life changes, and then fixes some bugs. It weighs in at 18.391GB on PlayStation 5, and the Ubisoft blog says the PS4 specific update will be "between 49 GB and 60 GB...

  • Poll Did You Buy Far Cry 6?

    Back behind the wheel

    The latest entry in Ubisoft's first-person chaos simulation series is out now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Far Cry 6 has released to mostly positive critic reviews, and it's already proving popular on content-sharing sites like YouTube and Twitch. It's reasonably safe to assume that the French publisher has another hit...