Fall Guys is a cutesy-looking game, but it's actually an intense competition. A large group of players join online matches and race to qualify for each round, until just one is crowned the winner. With everyone so hungry for success, it's nigh impossible to get others to do anything you want them to. Unless you happen to be a popular Twitch streamer, maybe.

Kate is one such streamer, and along with a few friends, was able to rally together some viewers to create collaborative shapes. Imagine 60 players coming together to form a heart shape, and you'll know what to expect:

We have no idea what sort of planning would be needed to achieve this level of cooperation in a game like Fall Guys, but it's an impressive effort. Perhaps more surprising is that this isn't the only example. The same group of people was also able to form a Fall Guy face and the letters "FG".

There doesn't seem to be any real point to this act, but we have to applaud the effort anyway. Have you been a part of anything like this in Fall Guys? Somehow make a heart together in the comments section below.

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