Sony has rolled out a minor tweak to the PlayStation 4 friends list ahead of the release of the PlayStation 5 next month. Now, in addition to showing which game you’re playing, there’s also a small icon to denote which console you’re playing on. Obviously, there’s going to be full compatibility between the PS5 and the PS4 – you’ll be able to join parties with your mates on the next-gen console and so forth – but that little symbol should help you to understand which platform your pals are using.

PS4 Friends List PlayStation 4 1

This is just one of many minor tweaks the Japanese giant has been making ahead of its next-gen system’s launch next month. Recently, fans spotted that the company had been patching some of its legacy software, including titles that have been untouched for years. It’s also going to roll out a new browser and mobile-based PS Store in the coming days.