Are you waiting patiently for Sony to provide a teardown of the PlayStation 5? Us too, but until then, take a look at this. A South American tech company named Evzen Elite Technology has posted some interesting images of the DualSense PS5 controller on its Instagram, and they appear to give us our first look inside the new pad.

There are several pics in the above gallery. After showing the full pad and some extreme close-ups, the final image shows several pictures of a gutted DualSense, with all the parts of the outer casing separated and the inner workings exposed.

Due to the size of these smaller images and the watermarks, it's hard to tell whether these are fake or not. However, Evzen is a company that makes custom PS4 controllers, so it's possible it's been sent a PS5 pad so it can start prototyping new builds for the next-gen console.

There's not much to be drawn from this on its own, but hopefully Sony swoops in with some official tech breakdowns in the future.

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