Fall Guys is great and all, but until Season Two hits next month, we'll be playing all the same levels over and over. That's no real problem, as the game is brilliant fun, but it looks like Mediatonic is about to shake things up a little. In lieu of brand new stages, the developer is putting together a dangerous new hazard that could pop up in any of the current rounds.

Big Yeetus.

As explained in the above tweet, Big Yeetus is a spinning hammer you might recognise from certain levels. However, this particular hammer will randomly spawn while you play, and looks to cause all sorts of fresh mayhem. In the above GIF, the player uses Big Yeetus to their advantage to soar across the level, but we imagine the obstacle could just as easily send you flying back.

There's no word on when Big Yeetus will begin popping up in-game, but it's coming.

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