Silent Hill PS5

Just a few months ago, the announcement of a new Silent Hill game on PlayStation 5 seemed like an inevitability. No matter whether it was a platform exclusive or not, rumours were rife of a reveal at Sony's Future of Gaming event and there was good reason to believe them. The thinking was that the project had been in development for 18 months as of April 2020, Konami then brought back iconic villain Pyramid Head for an appearance in Dead by Daylight, and then one of the sources which kicked all of this speculation off said that Silent Hill "should be" part of the aforementioned digital event. But then it didn't happen.

So, what's the latest? Is there really a Silent Hill title on the way to PS5 or was it all just a load of nonsense? The answer is packed full of uncertainty. Many of those who made the rumour a thing, including website Rely on Horror and controversial Twitter character Dusk Golem, have largely avoided the topic in the time since June. The insider did tweet the following a few days ago: "Silent Hill is in the works, I know that for a fact. Started dev in 2019." However, is their reputation in tatters at this point? You be the judge.

What makes this rumour so interesting is that absolutely none of the more reliable sources inside the industry have even begun to comment on the matter. It's radio silence from the likes of Bloomberg's Jason Schreier and senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, who are normally fairly vocal on shutting down nonsense that does the rounds on the internet.

Where does that leave us, then? It's hard to judge as the ones who started all of this hearsay continue to quietly back their claims with suggestions that an official announcement could take place in the next couple of months. A recently set up Twitter account titled Silent Hill Official did spark another round of speculation, but Konami tried to play it down as just a bit of fun on social media. Of course, Sony is going to have to talk about the PS5 again at some point before launch -- we still don't even have a price or release date -- and so we feel like this project has one last shot at becoming a reality. If we make it past another digital showcase without the reveal of Silent Hill though, we think this rumour will be pretty much dead and buried.

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