Silent Hill PS5 PlayStation 5 Rumours 1

There’s a lot going on with Silent Hill at the moment, and it’s actually becoming quite difficult to unpack. Here’s what we think we know: Japan Studio is working on a series reboot for Konami, with Gravity Rush creator Keiichiro Toyama directing the project. He obviously started his career working on the original Silent Hill, so is a superb fit. Artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka are also said to be involved.

Alongside that, there is speculation that Silent Hills will be making a comeback, revived recently by Instagram images posted by manga artist Suehiro Maruo. These appear to be separate projects at the moment, and it’s unclear how they’re connected – if they even exist at all, of course.

It’s the Sony reboot that currently appears to be further along. According to rumourmonger Dusk Golem, writing on ResetEra, the title has been in production for about 18 months. The story goes that Konami was looking for a partner, and Toyama wanted to return to horror. Sony is footing the project’s bill, but it believes brand recognition gives this title a better shot at success than, say, a Siren sequel. Konami will get a percentage of the profits.

Apparently, the reboot will be announced this year, presumably alongside the PlayStation 5’s slate of in-development software. There’s too much smoke here for there not to be something afoot, so at this stage we actually believe the rumours are accurate and a new exclusive Silent Hill really is in development at Japan Studio. Of course, the proof will be in the blood-soaked pudding, so let’s wait for confirmation before fully letting our imaginations run wild.