Silent Hill PS5 PlayStation 5

Aside from Gran Turismo 7 and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the strongest rumours prior to Sony’s big PlayStation 5 reveal event pertained to a new Silent Hill title purportedly in production at Japan Studio. Konami was quick to dismiss the speculation, but that didn’t stop rampant discussion from occurring online across a variety of sources – the ferocity of the discourse was so strong that it practically felt like a done deal.

But the touted reboot was entirely absent from the Japanese giant’s hour-long presentation. PlayStation bigwig Jim Ryan was eager to stress that the showcase was just a “glimpse” of the PS5’s software lineup, suggesting that it’ll have plenty to more to show us in the near future. However, the silence surrounding, well, Silent Hill in the aftermath of the presentation has been telling; the rumour has all but died out.

Dusk Golem, one of the original rumourmongers, has since taken to Twitter to walk back the speculation a little bit. He claims that he knows with “100 per cent certainty” that Konami was shopping the Silent Hill series around, and that development had started in 2019 with a Japanese developer. He doesn’t, however, confirm that this team is Japan Studio, although he goes on to suggest that others have heard that’s the case.

In defence of Dusk Golem, his Resident Evil: Village speculation turned out to be perfect, and it wasn’t just him talking about Silent Hill – in fact, several other sources, including Rely on Horror, reported very similar things about a Sony developed reboot. For now, though, it looks like we’re going to have to put this rumour on ice. Could the game still happen? Absolutely. But is it looking as likely as it did a few weeks ago? Not at all.