Silent Hill PS5

Excitement is at an all-time high surrounding the Silent Hill series. After a long hiatus, it really does look like Konami's survival horror franchise is about to make its return on PlayStation 5 with a reboot developed by Sony Japan Studio. Keiichiro Toyama has returned to direct the PS5 exclusive and according to one of the sources which helped to leak the news in the first place, the new Silent Hill project will be a part of Sony's next-gen game event this Thursday.

AestheticGamer, who worked in tandem with website Rely On Horror to share details on the rumoured title, says that Silent Hill PS5 should be revealed on the 4th June. He states this because it's an exclusive game, in a playable state, and the team is excited to reveal the game.

The Twitter profile warns that the announcement could be held back until August, when Sony is speculated to be hosting another State of Play livestream due to the fact that is not a launch game. However, the Japanese giant did say that this week's digital event would focus on "the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday." We don't have too much longer to wait until we find out whether this actually comes to fruition or not.

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