Fall Guys PS4

Slime Climb -- you either love it or you loathe it. The gruelling event in Fall Guys is sure to eliminate waves upon waves of players every single time it is selected, but some of us have actually become fairly skilled at overcoming its hurdles. This scribe is one of them and so too is Twitter user @LightSkinYagami, who found themselves in second place as they raced towards the finish line. Qualifying for the next round seemed like a sure-fire bet, but the player in first wasn't having any of it.

Before raising the chequered flag, they turn back to @LightSkinYagami, grab them and proceed to throw them into the pink gunk -- leading to an elimination! You've got to witness this heartbreaking moment in the Twitter video below.

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How unlucky is that!? Have you been unfortunate enough to have something like this happen to you in Fall Guys? Are you enjoying the popular PS Plus title? Don't fall over in the comments below.

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