You can't have a big AAA release without the grand launch trailer to accompany it, and thankfully, Marvel's Avengers recognises that. This 60-second glimpse into the superhero experience definitely falls on the short side, but we're sure there is just enough here to get you excited about September's biggest PlayStation 4 title.

Footage still attempts to convince us that Captain America is actually dead while Kamala Khan does what she does best and tries to re-assemble the Avengers taskforce in the aftermath of A-Day. This is basically an amalgamation of past trailers with a couple of new gameplay tidbits here and there -- it's not something that changes our opinion of the game but we're sure it'll get the more casual crowd excited.

Are you picking up Marvel's Avengers on 4th September 2020, or even opting for the Deluxe Edition to bag yourself four days of early access play? Assemble in the comments below.