PlayStation Store Digital

PlayStation just had its best ever first quarter in terms of earnings, and it's no surprise to learn that the PlayStation Store played a gigantic role in setting the new record. Indeed, Sony's store is a colossus these days. Back in 2018, the PlayStation Network alone generated more revenue than the entirety of Nintendo's business, and two years later it continues to be a juggernaut.

We've known for some time that game sales are starting to skew more and more towards digital over physical, and Sony's latest stats reinforce this trend to a significant degree. A staggering 91 million PS4 games were sold during the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, and a huge 74 per cent of those sales were made through the PlayStation Store. That's a dramatic swing in favour of digital.

Of course, there are some external factors at play here. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has meant that a lot of people have stayed indoors, and so it's fair to assume that the PlayStation Store will have seen a boost in business. The store's frequent discount sales also have to be taken into account.

But still, the gap is only going to widen with time. Let's not forget that Sony's releasing two PS5 models later this year -- one of which doesn't have a disc drive. The Japanese giant knows that its digital storefront is arguably its greatest asset, and it's doubling down by offering a cheaper console that takes full advantage of the growing ecosystem.

Have you moved more and more towards digital this gen, or do you still prefer buying your games on disc? Watch the trends in the comments section below.

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