Everyone is falling for Fall Guys right now. The plucky battle royale platformer has kind of blown up, becoming instantly popular among players and Twitch viewers alike. Clearly pleased with the game's early success on PlayStation 4 and PC, publisher Devolver Digital has shared some interesting figures in a new graphic.

As you can see in the above tweet, the colourful little game has reached 2 million sales on Steam alone, and has been watched on Twitch for a pretty staggering 23 million hours. Meanwhile, 1.5 million crowns have been grabbed atop Fall Mountain, but a whopping 60 million players have been eliminated from episodes.

It's impressive stuff from such a small team. Hopefully, the game continues to grow and get even better as new seasons roll in. Have you been addicted to Fall Guys since its release? Don't fall in the slime in the comments section below.

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