As with most popular online games at launch, Fall Guys was hit with some pretty severe server problems. With the game proving to be a smash hit with millions of players, the servers almost immediately collapsed under the strain, leading to prolonged periods of downtime. It's an unfortunate situation, but now that the game has (mostly) stabilised, getting into matches is much more consistent.

By way of apology, developer Mediatonic is giving everyone some in-game goodies:

As you can see in the above tweet, you'll be automatically gifted a legendary cactus costume as well as 5,000 Kudos, the game's currency. It's also noted that you need to have logged into the game before midnight tonight to be awarded these freebies.

It's a nice gesture from the team, and we imagine you'll be seeing plenty of these blue cactuses waddling around in games for the next few days. We're also due an update very soon that will add a new round and fix some nasty bugs, so things are looking up for Fall Guys players right now.