Last month, you may remember a lot of controversy upon the announcement of FMV title Gamer Girl from Wales Interactive. The internet felt that the experience was attempting to capitalize on the abuse that female streamers receive in real life, while the portrayal from Abicakes99 was deemed harmful and stereotypical. Every official mention of the game was scrubbed from the internet very quickly afterwards, and despite a September 2020 launch date attached to the reveal, neither the developer nor publisher have commented on the matter since.

Since the controversy, Wales Interactive's Twitter account has shifted gears towards talking about recent release Maid of Sker and other upcoming projects. Gamer Girl is not one of them -- the publisher has not made a single mention of the title since its reveal and the ensuing statement it had to make. Meanwhile, developer FMV Future hasn't tweeted since 7th August 2020 where it said that it was "taking the reaction to this trailer very seriously." On the same day, it said that it would issue a proper response to the backlash in "due course". Three weeks later, there has been no follow-up.

Separately, we have contacted Wales Interactive on two different occasions for comment on the matter and asking whether or not Gamer Girl will still release in September. Push Square received no response in the lead up to the publishing of this article.

So, will Gamer Girl launch on PlayStation 4 next month? Every sign and indicator is pointing towards no. Maybe the game has been quietly cancelled, or gone back to the drawing board to come up with a new approach? We don't have the answers to those questions, but you shouldn't expect Gamer Girl to release in September 2020 at the very least.