Gamer Girl PS4

Last week, publisher Wales Interactive unveiled Gamer Girl -- an FMV title in which you play as a livestream chat moderator. You're tasked with "guiding" the choices of up and coming streamer Abicakes99 while uncovering the identity of an "anonymous predator" who lurks in the chat. It sounds like a unique premise if nothing else, but the game's announcement was met with a lot of criticism here on the internet.

As such, Wales Interactive has pulled the trailer and its accompanying marketing materials. The company took to Twitter to explain its stance, writing: "Online abuse is real and is still happening every day — Gamer Girl seeks to raise awareness of this issue."

Gamer Girl was set to arrive on PlayStation 4 this September, but now it's unclear whether it'll release at all. Not everyone was against the announcement -- some saw potential in the concept, while others expressed interest in Gamer Girl as yet another entertainingly cheesy FMV title. But detractors were concerned that the game was capitalising on the abuse that streamers can face in real life. There were also worries that it was portraying female streamers in a damaging, stereotypical way.

Again, it's unclear what happens next. Perhaps the developer will alter its vision and try again -- only time will tell.

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