The Last of Us 2 PS4 Sales 1

Sony’s yet to comment on The Last of Us: Part II’s sales just yet, but it looks like it’s setting records around the world. In the UK, it’s become the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 release of all-time for Sony, and over in Germany it’s enjoyed the best launch of 2020 so far. The title has actually occupied the top two spots in the region’s physical sales charts, for both the standard and special editions. Remember, none of this factors in digital data just yet, which is sure to be high given the coronavirus pandemic.

The title’s also broken records in Russia, where it’s become the biggest launch in PS3 and PS4 history, outpacing even Grand Theft Auto V over a three-day period. It’s achieved similar success in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it’s become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive to date. Expect mind-boggling statistics to be released by Sony in the coming days, as it’s going to want to beat its chest about this one.

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