We now know what the PlayStation 5 looks like, but more importantly, we have a much better idea of the sort of next-gen games we'll be playing on it. Sony announced hit after hit at its PS5 games reveal event, touching on a wide variety of titles from its first-party studios, third-party games which have some sort of exclusivity, and a vast array of fascinating indie experiences. We loved every minute of it, but there are a handful of PS5 games which have stuck with the Push Square team that we're already hotly anticipating. These are the new PS5 games we're most excited about.

The New PS5 Games We're Most Excited About Feature 2

Sammy Barker, Editor

There were genuinely a dozen PS5 games I could have picked from the showcase, but I’ve simply got to plump up for Horizon Forbidden West here. While this series’ naming conventions seem destined to give me a headache, I fell in love with the pure imagination of the original adventure; I found its combination of post-post-apocalyptic tribal politics and old-world sci-fi utterly captivating, and I loved the way Guerrilla Games squeezed its shooter chops into a genre that doesn’t always excel in the gameplay department. I’m expected big things from this sequel, then: more of the same, yes, but elevated to a whole new level thanks to the power of Sony’s spangly new hardware. We already get a glimpse of that from the trailer, with seemingly limitless oversaturated locales to explore. I simply can’t wait to see more.

The New PS5 Games We're Most Excited About Feature 3

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

Perhaps this is a safe bet, but it's got to be Demon's Souls. After seeing what the remake masters over at Bluepoint Games did with Shadow of the Colossus, there's no doubt in my mind that this is going to be one of the PS5's first must-own titles. I remember playing the original Demon's Souls on PS3 what feels like a lifetime ago, and at first I just couldn't get into it. The gameplay was brutally unforgiving and on a technical level it was rough around the edges -- but there was an undeniable magic to the experience that has persisted throughout all of From Software's work since.

Admittedly I'm not the developer's biggest fan; while I can appreciate the studio's masterful game design and the incredible words that it concocts, I often find myself lacking the patience required to stick with the Souls series. Having said that, Demon's Souls on PS5 could well be the tipping point. The newly released screenshots look downright stunning, showing a level of detail that I simply can't ignore. I can't wait to dive in and become absolutely engrossed in this dark fantasy adventure all over again.

The New PS5 Games We're Most Excited About Feature 4

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

A lot of games impressed and surprised me during this event, but nothing put a smile on my face quite like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Seeing that iconic duo again, and rendered in stunning detail on PS5, filled me with joy. Trading quips, fighting ludicrous enemies, hopping from planet to planet -- everything I love about the franchise is present and correct in the trailer and gameplay clip. I cannot wait to go on another wild, space-faring adventure with the lombax and his robot buddy. However, it's not just the fact a beloved series is coming back -- this game is also one of the best visual examples of what PS5 is capable of. Watching Ratchet and Clank fall through dimensional rifts, going from one planet to an entirely different one, is staggering. That'll be the SSD at work, able to load in completely separate locations in more or less no time. We've been waiting to see what PS5 can do, and this is one of the best showcases yet.

The New PS5 Games We're Most Excited About Feature 5

Liam Croft, Senior Staff Writer

I'm a huge fan of horror games, so while I didn't get to see Silent Hill, there was another title which lined up with my tastes to a tee. Resident Evil Village looks like a really creepy take on the classic franchise with cults, werewolves, and witches aplenty. Ethan Winters is back along with yet another redesigned Chris Redfield for an assumedly terrifying entry that completely ditches current-gen consoles, meaning it won't be held back on the PS5 whatsoever. That excites me greatly and I can't wait to see what Capcom has in store for us. The Japanese developer has already said that this instalment will be slightly more action-oriented, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the other risks it takes. I'll play anything with Resident Evil in the name, but Village looks seriously cool.

The New PS5 Games We're Most Excited About Feature 6

Liam Richardson, Video Producer

It's hard to pick a single favourite from what was easily one of the most exciting game showcases I've ever seen, but I'm going to have to go with Deathloop. Arkane has quietly been creating some of the most detailed and visually impressive immersive sims for over a decade now, and Deathloop looks to be no exception. From the short amount of gameplay we were treated to last night, the game looks to be an absolute riot. A first-person shooter set within a twisted 70's sci-fi island, populated by animal-mask wearing cultists? Quirky weaponry? A teleportation ability lifted straight from Dishonored? A dry-humoured protagonist stuck in a nightmarish time loop? A rival assassin whose only job is to reset you all the way back to the start of your unforgiving quest? Yes please. Deathloop looks to be the culmination of experiments Arkane have been making since the mid-2000s and I can't wait to experience the result. Bring on December.

Which new PS5 games got you hyped? Was there a particular standout or are you looking forward to everything shown? Share your thoughts in the comments below.