Star Wars Day is delivering on all fronts when it comes to PlayStation 4 at the moment. Not only has Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series been announced for PlayStation VR, but Respawn Entertainment's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is also receiving a bit of love. Cal Kestis' adventure set in between episodes three and four is getting a free update today which adds optional combat challenges to test your Jedi abilities.

Detailed in the trailer above, these unique combat arenas see you face off against waves of enemies across a variety of locations from the game. Optional objectives such as completely avoiding damage and not healing make things a little bit tougher, and you'll even be able to make your own challenges for your friends and the wider community to play. Governed by a points system, you can select which enemies a user will face.

Elsewhere, new cosmetic rewards can be unlocked including skins for BD-1 and another Lightsaber colour for Cal which turns him into a Sith lord. That's right, you can customise the weapon with a red decal now. Are you going to check any of this content out? It's available to download now on PS4, so share your impressions in the comments below.