It’s been over a year since Sony first started talking about the PlayStation 5, but we’re still waiting for our first proper glimpse of next-gen gameplay. That changes today courtesy of, well, an Inside Xbox stream. Yes, we fully encourage you to visit our sister site Pure Xbox for a more tailored look at what the Team in Green has in store, but with the third-party titles on display almost certainly coming to PS5 as well, we simply had to share this in some capacity.

One game that’s been confirmed for the briefing is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, with Ubisoft promising a “taste” of Xbox Series X gameplay from the Viking-flavoured affair. Outside of that, rumours have been scarce. The Redmond platform holder has been eager to manage expectations, so perhaps don’t watch this expecting too many megatons, but it’ll be nice to have the curtain pulled back a little bit on next-gen gameplay, won’t it? We’ve been waiting far too long.

The show will get underway from 8AM PT / 4PM BST.