Spider-Man PS4

Update: Marvel’s Spider-Man is official joining the roster of PlayStation Now games until 7th July, where it’ll be available to both stream and download. It’ll be joined by Just Cause 4 until 6th October and The Golf Club 2019. There’s no time limit on the latter, so no rush to hit the links.

Original Story: Sony hasn't yet announced the line-up of new additions coming to PlayStation Now this month, but the cat might already be out of the bag. An advertisement on French website Jeux Video indicates that the service will be adding yet another fantastic PlayStation 4 exclusive to the streaming subscription alongside two other interesting titles.

The ad reveals that PS Now users can look forward to Marvel's Spider-Man being added to the service as well as Just Cause 4 and The Golf Club. We have to assume that the former will stick around for a limited time, similar to Control and Persona 5, while the other two will be permanent additions. Don't forget that Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be leaving the service tomorrow.

Sony hasn't officially confirmed this month's PS Now additions, but we'll be sure to bring you that list when the Japanese giant confirms it. Would you be happy with Marvel's Spider-Man being added to PlayStation Now? Web swing into the comments below.

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