If you've been tuned in to Push Square over the past week, you already know what sets Persona 5 Royal apart from the 2017 original. However, we've only been able to do that in the form of the written word so Morgana and new character Kasumi have joined the fun with a visual look at the upcoming JRPG. The trailer viewable above will introduce you to the likes of the Thieves Den and Kichijoji.

Lots of shots from this all-new slice of footage debut new areas and rooms, as well as the grappling hook. This neat little device will allow you to access new parts of Palaces and dungeons containing hidden items and secrets. It's a trailer which pretty much speaks for itself, but if you're looking for an in-depth list of everything new in Persona 5 Royal, head on through the link. Alternatively, our thoughts on the rerelease after two hours of hands on time can be read through here.

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