One thing is for absolute certain: you don't need to worry one jot about the fine folks at Media Molecule. The studio behind the PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams has always seemed like a great place to work. Comfy furniture, open plan working space, an awesome kitchen, you name it -- the developer seems to have everything pretty cushty.

We know for a fact that the studio doesn't crunch; Media Moecule's Alex Evans calls it "too 90s". This certainly tracks with the developer's chilled out vibe, and everyone working there seems perfectly happy, and totally sane. Dreams has also gone gold, so we know that development on the ludicrously ambitious project is going well. The game is done, and everything is on schedule for launch. All in all, it just seems like everything is totally fine at Media Molecule.

Just take a look at this clip of some day-to-day activity:

See? Totally fine.