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Sony has filed a patent for an updated DualShock controller, which will potentially be the design that ships with the PlayStation 5 next year. Interestingly, the documentation reveals four additional buttons on the rear of the unit – particularly pertinent considering the organisation has just revealed a Back Button Attachment for the PlayStation 4’s existing handset.

The details of the patent explain slightly different uses for two of the newly added triggers, however. According to the documentation, the larger keys will be employed to extend the length of the revised DualShock’s hand grips, meaning that it’ll fit different hand sizes more comfortably. The other buttons are, as you’d expected, designed to be used in gameplay.

We have seen a prototype of the DualShock 5 and it looks much the same as its predecessor, although Sony’s already confirmed that it will have advanced rumble technology and resistant triggers. Whether it has more surprises in store or is simply prototyping new ideas, it’s clear from this patent and the PS4's Back Button Attachment that it may be eager to add some additional keys to its controllers.