PS5 Controller DualShock 5

Those lucky b*stards over at Wired have managed to get their hands on the PlayStation 5's controller, supposedly named the DualShock 5. According to the publication, it looks "an awful lot like the PS4's DualShock 4", so you can expect a very similar design when compared to Sony's current-gen pad.

But there are some really interesting details here. For starters, the next-gen controller offers adaptive triggers, meaning that the tension of the L2 and R2 buttons can change depending on what action you're taking in-game. For example, pulling back on a bow string may offer more resistance than if you're, say, pulling a trigger on a gun.

Next, it sounds like this thing's packing some seriously impressive rumble. "It boasts haptic feedback far more capable than the rumble motor console gamers are used to, with highly programmable voice-coil actuators located in the left and right grips of the controller," writes Wired.

According to the publication, driving across different terrain in a PS5 port of Gran Turismo Sport can be felt through the controller thanks to this new rumble tech. "Driving on the border between the track and the dirt, I could feel both surfaces. Doing the same thing on the same track using a DualShock 4 on a PS4, that sensation disappeared entirely." Exciting stuff.

Apparently, this stuff has been in development at Sony for quite a while -- at one point, the improved controller was going to ship with the PS4 Pro, but Sony didn't want to split users. As such, it's been kept up the company's sleeve for PS5, and it sounds like the wait has been worth it.

We don't know how much the DualShock 5 is going to cost, but it sounds pretty beefy. Are you looking forward to holding this thing in your hands? Vibrate in the comments section below.