2019 hasn't been quite as much of a bumper year for PlayStation VR as it could have been, but that hasn't stopped a number of unique, special experiences making their way to the headset over the past 365 days. Making up for the lack of an Astro Bot Rescue Mission this time around are charming characters, comedy, and some gritty cockney accents -- complemented by those that didn't quite make the cut. PSVR is still in a great place ahead of the PlayStation 5's launch, and it's these essential titles which belong in your collection.

Trover Saves the Universe

Bronze Trophy: Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves the Universe has to be one of the year's most bizarre, off-the-wall experiences, and playing the game with a virtual reality headset only ups that ante. Fuelled by the humour of Rick & Morty, the sheer absurdity of it all is enough to sweep you off your feet and join Trover for the ride across crazy character interactions and dialogue that changes based on your actions.

It might be slightly light on the gameplay, but Trover Saves the Universe is one wacky adventure that fans of the hit TV show or even PSVR players just looking to take part in something a little bit different can enjoy. Built around the headset itself, the game does an excellent job of justifying its positively ridiculous tones and traits.

Vacation Simulator

Silver Trophy: Vacation Simulator

Comical simulation games have become a bit of a hit over the past handful of years, but none have quite reached the same levels of success as Vacation Simulator thanks to an entire island's worth of holiday fun. Whether it's building sandcastles along the seashore or cooking up a storm in the kitchen for your friends and family, there's always something to do if you're sick of sunbathing. Much larger environments allow you to explore to your heart's content, while its cartoonish style is always a barrel of laughs.

You know exactly what you're getting with Vacation Simulator -- a fun-filled experience which offers just as many activities to participate in as there are burgers to flip on the barby. If you're looking for a summer getaway in the near future, Owlchemy Labs serves up a much cheaper, more intriguing offer than your typical trips to Spain and Italy. It might be the only way we can visit once Brexit over and done with, too.

Blood And Truth

Gold Trophy: Blood & Truth

If you're after PSVR's first real AAA blockbuster title, then look no further than Blood & Truth. This gritty thrill ride blends gun-wielding action with stealth mechanics to make you feel like a real-life James Bond -- except without all the flashy Aston Martins. Cockney slang is aplenty, while the narrative moves at a breakneck pace to shuttle you from one explosive action scene to the next. It manages to make room for some impressive set pieces, however, as jumping out of a window and grabbing hold of a pipe on the street across never felt better.

Blood & Truth is proof that VR games can hold their own amongst the video game industry's elite, now we just need more titles to follow in its wake. An intense, enjoyable experience throughout, Sony's London Studio successfully brought action movies to PSVR.

Ghost Giant

Platinum Trophy: Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant is a stunning, interactive piece of art. This charming, lovable, and adorable experience places you in each of its environments in an effort to console and aid the friendly Louis. It makes for an emotional tale which springs into life with various paper-based dioramas to explore and townsfolk who simply ooze charm as you interact with them. Some very special moments of beauty and synergy are sure to stay in the mind long past the game's conclusion, while its beautiful visual design captures the imagination in the moment.

Zoink! Games has created something gorgeously unique in Ghost Giant -- a meaningful experience which manages to delight in every sense of the word. It's far and away PlayStation VR's very best game of 2019, and one you simply cannot pass up the chance of playing.

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What was your favourite PSVR game of 2019?